About Me

Seasoned Artist, Graphic Designer and Video Editor E.Campbell has worked with Young Studios (a Graphic Design/Film company) for many years now. Working on volunteer  animations, film and graphic design projects. He’s also collaborated with countless other clients, artists, and visionaries (Jet Fast Entertainment, Marc inc.). His work as a Lead Animator on the Mr.Ruff Cutt Animation (youtube) and his countless other contributions to society and the world at large, are the actions of a man with heart that can also get down with straight professional business as well. And His raw truth and determination are what cut him from the sea of yes men and uninspired minds. “Art, Graphic Design, Film” is not just a catchy phrase but a way of life. He specializes in drawing/concept design, Animation as well as graphic design work like Fliers, Posters, logos and T-Shirt designs. And he also does Video Editing and filming as well. “Art, Design and Film are one in the same to me there just different vehicles to communicate a message/ to have a voice. At the end of the day if the people can get behind what it all means then that’s a job well done for me.”  To find out more look at the resume above for a complete list of achievements.

Art, Graphic Design, Film…

Peace and Positivity

– E.Campbell

  • Current Skills… Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere. Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro 10 and 7.