Animation Reel

Over the years with my illustration and graphic design work I’ve animated a few cartoons for a range of clients. For Ruff Cutt (A web based cartoon) I’ve done animation as well as story-boarding, color treatment and character designs. For Dream Buddies (the animation with bunny in it) I work as a Creative Director with the Dream Support Network (also taking on story boarding, character design & animation duties). Big thanks to Joe Young (YOUNG! Studios) and Abdul-Rahman Muhammad (Dream Support Network) who gave me the opportunity to animate these pieces.

Dream Buddies Animated Short

The objective here was to create a animated short for the Dream Buddies web comic (which I also drew web comic linked HERE).

Ice Cream for a Dream Promotion (Animated)

In this work I was tasked with creating a animated short to advertise the Ice Cream for a Dream service. Color correction was used in post to give a more “film” like look.

– Ice Cream for a Dream Cartoons and Dream Buddies animations done in… Adobe Flash