Video Editing

Edited Videos

(note: These are videos I have only edited not filmed, unless stated otherwise)

Ice Cream for a Dream Social Media Campaign (video)

Worked with Abdul and Ice Cream for a Dream to film and edit this video for his companies social media platforms. Ice Cream for a Dream is a non-profit company inspiring kids in the inner-city to chase their dreams. They do this by traveling into the community and asking kids their dreams in-exchange for free Ice Cream.

What’s Poppin’

In this work I was tasked to create the brand and youth driven vision of What’s Poppin. The tone was mixed with a MTV meets BET vibe, with neon colored gradients mixed in to add a more modern look and feel. Subtitles were added, due to the audio not being recorded with the proper devices (via the production crew).

Salvin Shoes X NyceNasty.Com : Something 2 Get Fresh 2 Vol. 2

For this project I took the director roll, filmed as well as accomplished editing duties. I gone with’s original idea but added a few twists. The video above was shoot and edited in a weeks time.